How to renew item support on Themeforest?

ThemeForestA�had some changes in their policy that if youa��re about to purchase the item, youa��ll have the option to purchase extended item support, increasing the item support period up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase. And if you choose 6-month-support period, after that you will have to renew support to keep on receiving support.

Today we will show you a tutorial of how to renew item support onA�ThemeForestA�due to some requests from our customers.

Step 1: Login to Themeforest

Step 2: Click to Download, then click on Expired product.

Screenshot (1)


Step 3:A�Click the buttonA�Renew SupportA�on the left of the item page.

Screenshot (2)


Well done!A�With just a few steps, you can renew your item support easily anytime.