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Homepage Configuration

  • To configure the default home page for your store, please go to Stores>> Settings >>Configuration>>General>>Web>>Default Pages tab, select the desired page in the CMS Home Page field and save configuration.
  • You need to change to the website / store view that you want to change (the dropdown menu in the upper left corner). You will probably have to create a new CMS page if you want to have something different from your default home page.

From the top menu, please select Content >> Elements >> Pages. Here you can find all the store pages that you have imported, so you don't need to add them. You only need to update the pages HTML and XML content as you wish.

  • Step 1. Open any of them in order to get the access to the content.

  • Step 2. Edit the content as you desire

  • Step 3. Press Save Page button to save your configuration

Theme Setting

In Magento admin panel, navigate to Stores >> Settings >> Configuration >> MAGENTECH.COM >> SM Watch and configure its settings as you want.

Please click Here to view the theme settings.

General Options

Theme Color: In this option, you can set main color of entire page.

Body Font

In these options, you can change main font, font size, link color, text color, background, etc.


Menu Style: This theme support 2 types: mega menu and css menu. You can select a menu style that you want.

  • Mega Menu: The menu are items that you have created from module megamenu.
  • CSS Menu: The menu are categories that you have created.
  • Menu on Top: Choose "Yes" to turn on "Sticky Menu" feature, the menu will be fixed on top when scroll down the page.

    Mobile Menu Type: This theme support sidebar menu and collapse on mobile. You can select a menu style that you want.

    Layout Style: This theme support boxed and full width layout. You can select a layout style that you want.
    Responsive Layout: Choose "Yes" to show responsive layout for each type of devices.
    Right To Left Layout: This theme support right to left layout. Choose "Yes" to view.

    We provides flexible grid system includes: layout 1 column, layout 2 columns, layout 3 columns. You can change product's quantity per row to fit each screen.

    Image Box

    Thumbs Styles: This option allow you choose thumb style types that you want.
    Enable Loop: Choose "Yes" to repeat your loop.
    Enable Keyboard Trigger: Choose "Yes/No" to "Enable/Disable" keyboard trigger feature.
    Show Navigation: Choose "Yes/No" to "Show/Hide" navigation.
    Enable Popup Fullscreen: Choose "Yes" to show fullscreen popup when you mouse click on the product detail.
    Show Thumbs Navigation: Choose "Yes/No" to "Show/Hide" thumb navigation.
    Thumbs Margin: Distance between the thumb images.
    Thumbs Border Active Width: You can change width of thumb boder when active.
    Breakpoints: Breakpoints are used to set up the screen width at which the design of thumbnails changes.

    Image Zoom

    Enable Product Image Zoom: Choose "Yes/No" to "Allow/Not Allow" show product image zoom when you mouse hover on the product image.

    Social Buttons

    Show social buttons: Choose "Yes/No" to "Show/Hide" social button in detail page.

    Related - Upsell Product

    In these options, you can choose "Yes/No" to "Show/Hide" and set limit quantity for related and upsell products.


    Choose tab style types that you want.

    Custom Tab

    Choose "Yes", you can change name and add content for Custom Tab.


    Choose "Yes" in params Show Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin... to show socials. When you choose "Yes", you can change name and link of socials.


    Choose "Yes/No" to "Show/Hide" Go to Top, Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, Add to Compare, Newsletter Popup, Copyright, etc.


    To custom Css or Javascript

    Import Static Blocks

    By clicking this button, you can import all static blocks that are used for our demo site.

    Import Pages

    By clicking this button, you can import all pages that are used for our demo site.

    Import Demos

    Click "Demo X" button to install demo version that you prefer to install.

    Note: When you click "Demo X" button, the administration page will reload automatically. After it finishes reloading, please click "Save Config" button and refesh cache.


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